More About Me & Helper Needed ~~~

More About Me & Helper Needed ~~~

Hello! Nice to Meet You ;-D

I am an artist who needs a positive, healthy, strong full care Helper for 1pm to 9pm shift on Tuesday & Thursday and some Fridays if possible; someone with flexibility to cover another helper's shift(s) if/when they are sick or attending a family emergency.

I like to talk and I mainly use digital software that talks for me when I press touchscreen buttons. As well, I use hand signs and pointing to letters or words on a communication printout.

I weigh 120lbs and I am approximately 5'8" tall. I need help to stand up and walk between rooms and assistance when I walk on my treadmill and transfer into and out of wheelchairs and when I use other equipment. I like to walk outside for soccer with a strong Helper to balance me over my steps for walking and transfers. I also enjoy riding my trike or walking in my walker to check the mailbox daily.

Would you like to help me with my art projects and show me how to help you cook healthy meals? I like to make art because it makes me happy and excited and makes me feel proud that people like to buy my art. After I do a painting I feel excited about what I have made. I also like watching movies and having my Helper drive my big red van to see the ocean or drive me to drop off my talking books at the post office mailbox.

I like to have a garden for veggys: Do you like to garden and do you have experience gardening? I like to cook new food, but I need help cooking.

Do you enjoy creative activities like painting and preparing meals and listening to music? I love music and enjoy listening to it and learning about music and musicians and having a zoom music lesson every other week. I try jamming and singing with my music teacher.

I like checking social media sometimes and using it to post my art: do you have experience posting to social media? I enjoy socializing(online for now), mainly through my iPad and cellphone. Do you like talking about new and or interesting ideas?

I like to text my mom in the morning and talk with her in the evening and visit with her a couple times a week driving by for a short visit in front of her Trinidad home. She checks her mail in the evening for my talking books and I like picking them up at her house in my big van. I like listening to what people think and telling them what I think.

Are You looking for work that is fun, creative and a helping, caring position with me ~~~ I pay over minimum wage with raises after a couple months. Checkout my ad and let me hear from You! Craigslist ad <-click for other details :-)
Please CONTACT by EMAIL with your interest and resume, thank-you!