Reuben T. Mayes - Abstract Expressionism

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About the Artist...

“Hello All My Friends:
My name is Reuben Mayes. I am 27 years old and I live in McKinleyville. I am an artist and my style is named Abstract Expressionism. I feel excited and happy and proud and silly and crazy when I am painting. I am thinking all about helpers when doing my work.”
~Reuben T. Mayes, Artist

Reuben named his website "Art In My Work Boots" insisting on wearing his work boots when creating his art. Did you know that world- famous Abstract Expressionist Artist Jackson Pollock also insisted on painting wearing his own heavy leather boots? Pollock said his boots made him feel connected to the earth and grounded.

Reuben likes acrylic on canvas because it dries faster than oils and acrylic is easy for him to apply with his high-energy brush strokes on any size canvas which is representative of an Abstract Expressionist artist. Following is a good definition and summary of Reuben’s style.

Abstract Expressionism is a painting style in which an artist applies paint rapidly and with force onto a small to huge canvas in an effort to show feelings and emotions, painting gesturally, non-geometrically, sometimes applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto canvas. Abstract Expressionism is characterized by a strong dependence on what appears to be accident and chance but which may be highly planned. Sometimes an Abstract Expressionist artist is concerned with adopting a peaceful and mystical approach to a purely abstract image. Usually there is no effort to represent subject matter.

All of Reuben’s work is abstract and expressive with the spontaneity of Reuben’s approach to his work drawing from and releasing the creativity of his unconscious mind. The expressive method of his painting is considered as important as the painting itself.

Alternative Building Center in Old Eureka Graciously Welcomed Reuben for his First Solo Show July 2014. Wolf Dawg in Old Eureka had Reuben showing twice in 2014 and June, July 2015 and upcoming in November 2015. An Unforgettable Delightful experience was at the San Francisco de Young Museum of Art, March 2015 with slide showing of "Geneva Good Spicy" (greeting cards available/original painting SOLD). Showings include Blue Lake Studio May 2015, Trinidad Fish Festival June 2015, Trinidad’s Light House Grill July 2015,Trinidad Trading Company August 2015, Mentor Network Eureka August/September 2015, Ramone’s McKinleyville September 2015, Cloney's McKinleyville from October 2015-, Ramone's Old Town Eureka January 2016; Willow & Rags Arcata January/February&June/July 2016, Timber Ridge McKinleyville February/March 2016, Here&There Eureka March 2016, Lighthouse Cafe Trinidad April 2016, Humboldt Herbals Old Town Eureka May/June 2016; HCAR Studio (solo) July/August 2016; Enriching Lives April 2016; Alder Bay April 2016; Open Studios: June 2016; 21st Annual Calif Statewide Self-Advocacy Conf Sacramento May 2016; McKinleyville Art Night Friday May B-Day party live painting; Cheri Blackerby Gallery June, July, August, September 2016; Arts!Arcata: Plaza View Room August & September 2016; Stokes, Hamer, Kaufman & Kirk September 2016; Humboldt Area Foundation January thru June 2017; Hoppy's Fro Yo January 2017; Open Studio June 2017; Truchas Gallery/Los Bagels Olde Town Eureka May/June 2017; Humboldt Herbals July/August 2017; Zen Arcata August/September; NHS McKinleyville August and on 2017; Here & There Sept/Oct 2017; Humboldt Green McKinleyville Sept/Oct/Nov 2017; Rotation: Arcata City Hall (Nov, Dec, 2017, Jan 2018), Eureka City Hall (Feb, Mar, Apr 2018), SHN Engineering, 812 West Wabash, Eureka (May, June, July 2018), Vision Center, Eureka (August, September, October 2018); Hoppy's Fro Yo March & April 2018; Supported Life Conference, Crown Plaza Hotel, Sacramento, May 2018; Trinidad Artisans Market, May Sundays through September 9, 2018; Open Studios June 2018; Arcata/Eureka Airport June-December 2018; Ramone's McKinleyville July/August 2018; Humboldt Bay Coffee July/August 2018;Alder Bay Art & Wine Show August 2018; Humboldt Herbals Sept/Oct 2018; Humboldt Artisans: Dec 1 & 2 at Redwood Acres 2018, 3750 Harris St, Eureka; Trinidad Holiday Craft Fair: Dec 9 2018 at 300 Trinity St, Trinidad; Truchas Gallery/Los Bagels Olde Town Eureka March 2019; Ramone’s McKinleyville April 2019; Arcata City Hall Feb/Mar/Apr 2019; BnB Top of the hill 1391 G St Arcata 2019; Savage Henry Comedy Club 2019, 415 5th St, Eureka;
UPCOMING: Mad River Brewery Blue Lake Restaurant July 2019

Reuben shows every last Saturday of the month at the Creamery District Art Market in Arcata April through November. HCAR and Trajectory Art Program have been supportive to Reuben as studios where he paints in Old Town Eureka.  In December 2015, Reuben opened his own Gallery named "Abstracts In The Back Room" in Vance Hotel lobby behind Wolf Dawg Restaurant *** Open Every Arts Alive! *** Eureka. Reuben’s Dreams and Plans Are Simply To Have Fun Every Day that He Expresses Himself Creating “Art in My Work Boots” and Sharing His Art with "All My Friends".

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Please CONTACT by EMAIL or PHONE to Check on Availability and Purchase Original Paintings
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